What’s next for the Kenwood campus of Grace Community Church?

25 10 2012

Two weeks ago, our pastor here at Grace Community Church, Chad Rowland announced the exciting news that the Rossview campus will be building a facility for their campus around the Rossview area of Clarksville. That same Sunday, I had the opportunity to share my heart and my vision for the Kenwood campus, and where I believe God is leading us in the future. If you missed my sermon that Sunday, you can listen to it here.

From starting in the living room of one of our founding pastors, we have gone from a living room to a coffee house. From a coffee house to a small catholic school, and from a small catholic school to Rossview High School. And now, to a Multi-Site strategy in clarksville by launching a North Clarksville campus at Kenwood High School.

And God has opened a great opportunity for the Rossview campus to build a facility.

Which naturally asks the question, “If the Rossview campus is building a facility, what does that mean for the Kenwood campus?”

Here’s what that means…the Kenwood campus of Grace Community Church will continue to do the very thing that brought us to North Clarksville in the beginning. And we will continue to do what we have done for the past year and a half in North Clarksville.

We as a church, went to a multi-site strategy, launching our first ever multi-site venue in North Clarksville because there are 70,000 people live within a 5 mile radius of KHS. And 90% of them don’t go to church.

Do the math – That’s 63,000 people who don’t have a church home. 63,000 people who don’t hear the hope, peace, security, identity, purpose that Jesus offers…

And these stats don’t change because 14 miles from here, the Rossview campus is launching a building campaign to build a facility.

It doesn’t change our strategy:

Grace Community Church is a multi-site church that is strategically planted in areas to maximize the influence and opportunity to bring the life changing message of Jesus to people.

We will continue to be ONE church in multiple locations. And if I can be honest with you, I hope that one day, we as the Kenwood campus can outgrow the venue at Kenwood High School. I hope that in the near future we can grow to where we have two services on a Sunday morning, so that those of you who volunteer can serve and be served on a Sunday morning at the Kenwood Campus.

We will still be a hybrid of live messages here and video messages streamed from another venue. And here’s why…we are one church, headed in one direction, with one calling from God, with one unifying DNA, with one charge in multiple venues with multiple pastors and teachers. And we believe that church is more than just a sermon. It’s more about people and relationships! And if we as a church start to think that video screens and video messages are going to stop God’s annointing on a pastor and God’s spirit working through the teaching of His Word, our God is WAY TOO SMALL. And it’s not the God I know in Scripture.

God is at work in HUGE ways in the life of the Kenwood campus. In just a year and a half…

1. We are running over 430 people on Sunday mornings. On average, a multi-site location has around 220 people on a weekly basis.

2. This year alone we have had over 300 1st time guests at the Kenwood campus.

3. From January of 2012 until now we have over 400 kids enrolled in kids ministry here at the Kenwood campus.

4. We have had so many people take their next step in going public with their relationship with Jesus through baptism here at the Kenwood campus.

5. And we have over 200 people serving in different areas here at the Kenwood campus.

I believe that God has even greater things to come…

And the only thing that will change this city is Jesus




2 responses

29 10 2012
Jason Roy

Love it Brandon. Thanks for spelling it out so clearly. Kenwood Campus and the awesome servants there set my heart on fire for God everytime that get the opportunity to lead. So proud of you and your leadership, not to mention the heart of a campus so defined by living the love of Jesus and not just talking about it. Christ is alive at Kenwood… And you know it the second you walk through the doors. Nice blog bro… Keep leading like you do!

29 10 2012

Thanks Jason! God is doing some BIG things in the Kenwood Community!

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