Tornado Tithe Challenge

5 05 2011

I can vividly remember sitting in my bedroom with a small 13 inch tube television lighting my bedroom with strong winds and heavy rain swirling outside. My parents had just come into my room to turn on the weather channel as threats of a Tornado became a reality for Clarksville in 1999.  And that changed Clarksville.

Just last week, deadly tornadoes ripped through the Southeast.  Hundreds of people were killed and thousands of homes were destroyed.  People in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and other states were devastated by this storm.

Grace Community Church is partnering with a church on the ground serving families who have been affected by the tornado.  We are also partnering with churches around the country to provide immediate relief to people who have lost everything.

This sunday, you can partner with Grace Community Church and churches around the country by giving.  10% of our offering this Sunday goes directly to those affected by the storm.  How will you respond?

For more information or to give online, go to




One response

6 12 2011

this kind of makes us think we are lucky to alive

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